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CAT6 Cable

Information about CAT6 Ethernet Cables

  1. What is a CAT6 Cable

  1. What is a CAT6 Cable

    A CAT6 cable is a type of network cable used for making data connections between items such as computers, routers, modems, smart TVs and many other connected devices. The name CAT6 is a shortened version of Category 6.

    There are various terms that are used to describe a CAT6 cable which all mean the same thing, such as ethernet, network, lan, internet cable etc and in the US they may be referred to as a CAT6 cord.

    A CAT6 cable is a twisted pair cable, it is made up from 8 wires which are twisted to make 4 pairs. CAT6 is made to a tighter specification than CAT5 or CAT5e with reduced crosstalk and noise.

    CAT6 Cable Maximum Distances

    The maximum recommended length for a CAT6 cable is 100m or 328ft when used for 10/100/1000 Mbps networking, 1000Mbps is 12x faster than BT Infinity 2 Fibre to give you an example of speed.

    A CAT6 cable can also be used with HDMI extenders to send HDMI over CAT6, we recommend using full copper CAT6 for this rather than the cheaper economy CAT6 Cables, the maximum distance when using an extender is limited by the extender itself more than the cable.

    Using CAT6 Cables

    Many devices are now designed to connect to the internet and connecting with a cable is far more reliable than using wifi. Connecting them up is as simple as just plugging in the cable both ends.

    Our pre-made CAT6 cable comes with RJ45 plugs fitted tp both ends which will plug straight into devices such as modems, routers, computers, and laptops. Many smart TVs and set top boxes now have a network socket which can be connected directly to your internet router via a CAT6 Cable.

    Using a CAT6 cable is simple way to connect your equipment to the internet, the RJ45 standard size connector means the cables will plug into any device with an RJ45 network socket.

    To get the best from on demand TV services we recommend using a cable connection to your box, the following is a list of some popular devices that can be connected; Sky HD, Sky Q, Freesat, Youview, BT Vision, Now TV and many more that have a network socket.

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